Dec 18, 2021
I've a Xiaomi MI 10 Lite 5G with MIUI 12.5.1. I'm experiencing a really frustating problem. My first pair of bluetooth earbuds were doingreallybad during calls so I decided to buy new pair. But really weird thing happened. They do worked perfectly during calls and for whatever reason after few days they started doing really bad during calls. Audio during call gets distorted. Everything gets compromised. When I'm in call and for example I start watching videos the audio from video gets really bad. Like being under water and I can barely understand the people talking or the video / music I'm listening. Whenver I stop the call that problem stops existing. How can I fix that? I can't find anything online.
A simple resume of my problem:
Everytime I get in a Whatsapp or Zoom call,my Bluetooth earphones always get muffled. But does not get muffled when it is not on a call.
Please help me, thanks.