Auto Brightness?


Jan 17, 2011
Hi there!
I recently flashed the new 1.1.14 miui chinese deodexed rom + language pack ( first time, used leedroid before ) and all works just fine despite the auto brightness.
If I enable it, the display will just use minimum light output and sometimes begins to flicker! Or it just uses maximum brightness!?

This is really a bummer because miui in general is actually pretty awesome.
So, is there any way I can fix this?
Did anyone else experience this problem?

Is it possible that is has something to do with the radio/ baseband version?
I use
Is this one up to date or would recommend a different one?

I would be really thankful if you could help me out!

If you go into display settings you will see a slider under auto brightness..Just adjust it to what you want it to be in that certain lighting and it will remember.
^ Thanks for your answer.
I am not sure wether this works correctly for me.
When I enable auto brigthness and adjust it will work correctly at first.
But after like 5 minutes later it often switches back.
So it is really dimmed and I have to adjust the slider again.
I have to do this process all the time...

What am I doing wrong?
well, that is one really annoying bug then ...!
Is it a problem on evey phone or just on the HTC Desire?

Is it going to be fixed soon? I hope so...

it still annoys me^^
isnt there a fix for this somewhere?
I mean it is working on other roms, so whats wrong with miui here?

I find that the auto brightness can be a hit & miss on my Desire. I find that you have to move the phone about so it can get a better idea of what the lighting conditions you are in. It can also be very slow to respond to different lighting conditions. I'm not worried about it, it can be annoying at times. I just thought I would share my experiences too.
Same experience for me on my Desire. Sometimes the screen never auto-adjusts, but usually I have to shake it a bit and point it directly at something bright for the screen to brighten. It isn't terrible, but it is annoying.
On my nexus one the brightness is up and down all the time when on low light conditions. :(
.Just adjust it to what you want it to be in that certain lighting and it will remember. ...