New Sometimes the performance is worse than entry-level phones on SD865 device:(


Tsim Pouki

I've noticed that overall, the battery consumption of the rom is very improved compared with official roms. My only question is about the performance of the phone. A few weeks after each factory reset, it drops in a really bad level (yes i try to clear dalvik and cache but nothing changes and i don't have any tasks on the backround that could be using recourses). My Redmi K30 Pro has the latest MIUI12.5.7 and the snapdragon 865 and it sometimes feels worse than my old SD660 powered redmi note 7 (not this version's problem, I've noticed this in almost every version)... This is what happens in random phases: Slow and laggy fingerprint unlock with the vibration continuing for a bit after unlocking, control center doesn't refresh immediately after swiping down, the auto brightness takes a while to adjust when the lights of the environment changes and in some random phases the phone becomes laggy (large response time, frame drops etc while the phone is cool). There is always keyboard lag. Slow typing response, and slow language switching
I don't know if It's Xiaomi's fault because everything is always very smooth in china rom with the same load of apps.
I've also selected to turn on flash by double clicking the power button but almost every time it turns on on first click (when i just want to turn on the display)
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