New Aux audio bug in my Redmi Note 11 Pro 5G


Jan 13, 2023
So theres been a bug with my aux audio for my phone recently- certain downloaded songs play at 1.25x speed when using wired earphones/car aux and I can't find a way to turn this off.
1. This only happens when I use my sony wired earphones and my car aux audio. I've tried a few other wired earphones as well and the problem persists.
2. The songs play at their normal speed when I'm using bluetooth headphones/earphones or the phone speakers.
3. Streamed songs (spotify, youtube, etc.) always play at their normal speed.
4. The problem only seems to affect my downloaded songs, which I downloaded using the "Music Downloader" app (yep I pirate songs, I'm broke). For some reason, every song I download using that app has the same issue. Also songs I had copied from my previous phone show the same problem.
5. However, a select few songs dont show this speeding up problem. I'm not sure, but I might've used a different website/app to download them
6. This started once I updated my phone to MIUI 13.0.4 I think. I don't remember which version I was on before