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    There has been a new theme releaseavailableon forum (see <a href="">forum thread here</a>)

    Here you can see some screenshots of this quite nice looking and geniuine theme.
    <strong>*NOTE* Please use 24hrclock setto have this theme display correctly.
    </strong><strong>As it stands the 12hr clock format is not supported, its also not mentioned if it will be in the future or not.</strong>

    Download link will be added shortly.

    <img src="" alt="20110612_174857.jpg" /><img src="" alt="20110612_174610.jpg" /><img src="" alt="20110612_174943.jpg" /><img src="" alt="20110612_144726.jpg" /><img src="" alt="20110612_174934.jpg" /><img src="" alt="20110612_172600.jpg" />