Backup & restore contacts.


Jul 3, 2011
When I backup or restore my contacts the numbers are always in groups of 3? It's a pain in the butt to have to modify each one to remove the dashes.
How can I save them without the dashes added, I have tried using Morelocal2 that don't work for me.

When u flash an updated miui dont erase anything just flash it over ur old version and all ur settings and contacts come back i dont even use the backup feature its because everytime u have triple contacts and u save them as ur backup and u flash a newer miui and u do that backup you will have 4 of the same contacts it was p****ng me off too so i dont use ba kup no more just flash miui over the old one

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Had a good search around the net and found the answer in using Unhyphenizer Pro. It cost AU$1.33 but the free version is not as good, so if anyone else got same problems have a look at it it's in the market.