Backup & Restore


Nov 19, 2010
I want to update from MIUI 10-29 to 11-19. So I was wondering what the best way is to backup my old settings/apps and restore them on the new flashed 11-19, since a complete wipe is necessary...

An important detail: I used my ext-partition for app2sd and had my dalvik cache there...
At the moment i tried this, but it didnt completly work

1) wipe data, cache, ext part
2) flash new MIUI rom
3) install terminal emulator and move dalvik cache to sd card (since i have a lot of apps)
4) install titanium backup
5) batch restore all system + app data

What was not restored:
- call log
- sms
- homescreen settings (this is most important for me)
- some system settings and the user dictonary (also important)
- perhaps other things i havent discovere jet ;)

So I was wonderng how to restore the missing things. Also i am really interested in how you guys, who update your miui roms every week, manage to backup everything!

I am really looking forward for your answers!