Bad audio quality.

Jun 5, 2018
I’ve been using AOSP ROMs pretty much the whole time I’ve had this phone so I can’t remember how audio quality was on global stable.
About 2 months ago I got sick of audio static at low volumes, so I switched to The problem remained, so I thought I’d wait for MIUI 10 but the problem is still there.
I tried a bunch of fixes from XDA but none of them worked, so I’ve just been putting up with it.
A bunch of old reviews say that the Mi 5 has crystal clear audio, so I really want to figure it out. I have tested it with a bunch of headphones and the issue is always there -- even using FLAC audio files.

Does anybody else have this problem, or could it just be my unit?
Mar 9, 2018
l'audio sopratutto con miui 10 fa schifo, è un bellissimo auricolare a capsula, sia con cuffie che con Bluetooth. Si prega di organizzare per sistemarsi
May 25, 2016
Try flashing this zip in TWRP, which I created - it replaces the /vendor/etc/mixer_paths_tasha.xml file, so if you want you can make a backup of it first. It does get overwritten each time you update/flash the MIUI rom though, so shouldn't be a big issue.

Here's what's changed, and the discussion threads over on xda:

<ctl name="COMP1 Switch" value="0" />
<ctl name="COMP2 Switch" value="0" />
<ctl name="HPHL Volume" value="11" />
<ctl name="HPHR Volume" value="11" />

Let me know if this helps. It does lower the volume slightly, but the quality is much better and the crackling/distortion on low volume is gone.