Bad quality of recorded calls on my MI3

Sep 10, 2014

When I record calls on my MI3 the quality of playback is quite poor. The playback of the voices from both ends sound like they are talking with a mouthful of iron filings although the voices are crystal clear on the actual call itself. I am using a Samsung headset with microphone for my calls.

I am using the latest stable build of MIUI (KXDMIBF 23.0) on an unrooted phone.

I was wondering if anyone else has faced similar issues and can help.

Thanks in advance and would appreciate any help.
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Sep 3, 2014
I believe that this was indeed an issue. There's a reference of this being in fixed in the 4.8.22 firmware, see :


Fix - Sound cracked when playing recordings (Mi 3 WCDMA) (4.8.21)

Optimization - Macro focus effect (Mi 3 WCDMA/Mi 4) (4.8.21)

New - Support copying the content of blocked messages (8-20)

Fix - Clock volume could not go back to normal after setting phone to vibrate mode (8-22)