New Battery drain on Mi 10 Pro starting with 21.9.22


Oct 12, 2021

I've noticed a significant worsening in battery life of Mi 10 Pro (two different devices, mine and my wife's, both rooted), starting from the weekly version 21.9.22. Both phones are rooted, in ''Balanced'' mode. And there is a lot of juice consumed by ''Others''. Now my phone has been on for only about 2 hours, and there is already a drain of 66.15 mAh (42.71%) by ''Others'', even though I haven't used it much since charging, with 11 min screen time and only 23.24 mAh consumed by the screen.
In my case, the ROM was installed form scratch, after a full wipe, so wiping the phone and re-installing it probably won't help.
It is very frustrating, as we don't even get one full day of use when we used to get 2-3 days with the same usage patterns and the same settings (like refresh rate, auto-starting apps and so on).
Is there any solution for it? I've already tried lowering the refresh rate to 60, putting most apps to ''restrict background activity mode'', but looks like it's not about any specific app. Hope it can be fixed in the future releases.


Oct 2, 2013
@Ygrec, have you dealt with this problem ?
I have exactly the same thing. The phone after an hour has 10% less battery :/ Of course for the whole hour it is not used.
The phone is noticeably warm at all times.

As a curiosity I will include something like this:

Maybe it will help you ?
I am just testing this solution.
What I noticed so far is that after turning off WiFi the phone stopped heating up.
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