New MAJOR BUG cpu clock is constant when screen isn't being touched on K60 Pro (socrates)


Jan 20, 2024
So I've noticed a huge battery drain, when I say huge is HUGE, my screen on time battery life is from 2h 30m to 4h. (android system is the one thing consuming more battery)

Now I think I found the cause of this, I'm on dev version of hyperos (i noticed this on other versions. stable version as well). What I believe to be the cause of this huge battery drain is whenever there isn't any touch event or anything "refreshing,, the screen the CPU clock is constant, for example lets say the last time I touched the screen the clock of CPU was at 500mhz then it will stay at 500mhz until I touch the screen or something "refreshes,, even if I turn off the phone the clock is gonna stay the same as it was the last time I touched the screen. (i'm not sure if this happens with GPU clock).

Now I'm not 100% sure about everything and I concluded all of this with CPU Z.
If what I said is all wrong and it's just a issue from CPU Z I am truly sorry, but even if I am wrong I would like a lot that the battery draining issue is studied.