BeansTown ROMS

Sep 8, 2011
so i've noticed with beanstown and his ported roms that they are always glitchy, theres always problems with them no matter what. on monday i flashed his latest MIUI rom in hopes that it would be his first successful rom, i was sadly mistaken. After flashing his rom i noticed the screen would flicker every few mins or so, figured a reboot or quick "fix permissions" would solve the issue. sadly it didn't so i decided ok i'll wait till a working rom from different developer comes out and i flashed back to the stock samsung rom. after doing so i noticed i was in roaming mode even though i wasn't roaming. long story short the MIUI rom beanstown ported deleted my IMED, we think due to the fact it was coded for one of china's carriers, and not correctly ported (like all of his roms). now at first i thought "oh i ****ed up my phone" lol well after searching the internet turns out i wasnt the only one this happened to. SO if you are using the galaxy s3 for verizon DO NOT flash anymore of beantown's roms they are unstable and none are EVER working correctly anyways. lucky i knew how to recover and fix my IMED issue, and if anyone else here had the same issue here is a link to XDA to correct the problem. REPAIR YOUR IMED HERE