Bluetooth Connection Failure


Jul 27, 2011
Resolved in latest build.
I have an issue with build 1.7.22. I think it is my car kit that requires updating but Ford want £200 to do it. I was running Miui 1.6.xx where the bluetooth worked fine since updating to 1.7.22 i am unable to connect to bluetooth. When connecting it prompts for PIN amd when entering it just prompts again. Reviewing the change logs I can see a lot of work has gone into bluetooth which i assume has taken it to a later driver which is incompatible with my cars bluetooth.
Basically i have tried different kernals, rolling back bluetooth.apk to an older working copy (for me) with no luck. I didn't know if their is anything else i can try from the older build or anything anyone else can recommend.
I know this is a bug for me, because i am to tight to upgrade my cars bluetooth but if anyone can recommend anything to try that would be great.
Forgot running on Desire HD...
Nokia CK1W bluetooth
I am having bluetooth connection issues as well. After running some tests it seems to be only in this update 1.7.22.

If I disconnect my bluetooth I have varying connection issues with calls. Last call button sequence is not working right, callers cannot hear me, the bluetooth will dial but not connect audio.

Most of these issues I can fix with a reboot and repair. However, it is rather inconvenient.
I had Bluetooth issues as well. I went back to 1.7.15. Everything works now.

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