New Serious Bluetooth Issues with Xiaomi 12X


May 15, 2024
Serious Bluetooth Issues with Xiaomi 12 X

Hi guys,

I keep having Bluetooth issues with my European Xiaomi 12X with Android 13 and TLDEUXM

The phone has trouble connecting with my car, Android Auto mostly only works via WiFi. Also, when playing music onto any device, be it a speaker or headphones, the sound is either not working at all, or working but horribly flickering and stopping as soon as I move either the device or the phone even a little bit around or lock it/receive a call/open certain apps.

Does someone else have the problem ? Is there a fix ?

Bluetooth is set to factory standard (AVRCP 1.4/ MAP 1.2/ Audio codex Qualcomm Aptx Audio/ 44,1 kHz/16 bit/LDAC and LHDC Codex flexible-optimize). I already tried with a few different settings, to no avail. But tbh I don't know the first thing about Bluetooth technology...

Anyway, if someone has a solution, I would be extremely thankful !

Are you using the custom ROM from this site? "TLDEUXM" is official Xiaomi ROM.
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