Bluetooth volume issue


MIUI Android Staff
Dec 15, 2010
Hi all,

I've noticed this bug now on a fresh i9000 install, as well as on my wifes N1.

Basically you can pair with a device (We've tried 5 different in-car devices such as Parrot, BlueAnt etc - I have access to a lot of varied products through my work) and that part works fine, calls go out OK, but the Volume resets in between calls.

The bug varies a little depending on what device you use, but the general gist of it is this: The volume gets reset to a very very low volume each time.
If I call with the Parrot bluetooth device, then it shows as being at a minimum volume level each time, and it is. Even if I turn it up during a call, the next call it shows the volume being at a minimum again and it's barely audible... Syncing this same Parrot device with a vanilla Froyo Vodafone 858 device and it works as it should. This issue happens both on my i9000 and N1.
If I sync with something else, such as a BlueAnt, or my cars stereo system, it'll show the in-call volume as being at whatever level I left it at, but it's not really. I need to adjust the volume down, then back up again in order for it to be at its truly shown level.

If somebody else has a Bluetooth car kit / headset they can test with, I'd be very keen to hear if anybody else has can replicate this issue.

The volume should ideally be remembered, this is how the Vodafone 858 behaves, which is the only device not running MIUI :-/

Any thoughts / feedback appreciated.


I was using update 1.7.8 and my bluetooth volume did not change...try that release.
using Acer Liquid
I was u sing 1.7.1 when I tried it, and have tested with 1.7.15 .. I don't have my 1.7.8 files any more.