Bootloop 621 Droid X

Urban Hermit

May 6, 2012
hi all-

i used the linux method to root my .621 Droid X and then tried to install MIUI and now i'm in bootloop. it won't let me do a factory data reset so i'm not sure how to get it working again. i'm new to rooting and flashing so i obviously messed up something during the process, but any help would be greatly appreciated. a summary of what i did is below...

rooted with linux
downloaded root explorer, titanium backup, rom manager, D2 bootstrap
downloaded MIUI
moved MIUI to Droid X
installed MIUI from bootstrap
rebooted into bootloop

my phone specs...
Droid X
System 4.5.604
Model Number Milestone X (after linux rooting)
Android 2.3.5