Bootloop, crash of dooooom (Mi 10 Ultra)


Oct 18, 2020
Hey guys, looking for some feedback!

I'm on a weekly (21.3.31) and last night my phone hit upon a major issue. The power button started carrying out all its functions at once, including turning the torch on and off before slipping into a bootloop. Occasionally it would find its way back to the homescreen before the power button issue re-occurred and the bootloop began again.

At this point I thought I'd TWRP my way out but the shortcut of vol+ & power button wasn't working, so I could only go to fastboot which...was stuck. Eventually after about an hour and while attempting to get in via my laptop, I got lucky and TWRP loaded, at which point I formatted data to give the phone the kiss of life, which solved the issue.

What I'm wondering is why did it happen in the first place? Is there any way to avoid it happening again? Would I be better on a stable ROM or could it have been a rogue app? It just seemed to come out of nowhere, ironically while playing Cyberpunk on a base PS4 (maybe my phone caught a bug off that...)