bricked Mi3 after 4.2.21 update help!!!!!

Sep 27, 2013
Dear ALL,
It maybe kind of you to help me bec. I bricked my mi3 after updating to 4.2.21 version. When I open EVERYTHING just forced closes and it stucks to boot image! I cant copy ROM via sdcard it would not allow. I've tried to delete everything via recovery but unsuccessful. Any more options for me? how to use the fastboot to put update rom version in the sd card? I am using a Macbook any help?
Feb 6, 2014
Hi there..
Can you back track how did you upgraded your phone?
I mean what kind of method?
What kind of root?
Which guide did you use to root?
And so on..
Maybe then we could help..


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Aug 20, 2011
He didnt root or anything. MIUI roms come with root. He just (probably) installed the rom via Updater.
The problem might be with the rom which was installed first. What whas the name of the zip?
If you have MI3 WCDMA then the only one rom for this device is "cancro". Other than that will not fit.

If you have proper MI3 rom on your device then there is not possible to have FCs after full wipe.
Please boot into recovery and do all wipes that recovery provides (wipe all data, cache).

If nothing works then you would have to use MiFlash rom for MI3 using fastboot connection.
But I think this works on Windows only.
Mar 4, 2014
Go to the mirecovery (press lock & the down button untin you see the logo) then selct english(using the buttons) then select reboot and reboot in the second system then evrything should work ;)
And you can put a new rom on sd with using adb just google "adb tutorial xda"