Bricked Mi4c - Fastboot Rom Does Not Work - No Recovery

Dec 13, 2015
hello, i've bricked a friends mi4c by installing or trying to install twrp

now i've tried to repair the phone by installing a new rom by trying to fastboot it ... miflash gives me the following error

does someone know how to fix it?
Mar 20, 2016
@debianus it means: the system cannot find the file specified 0x800700002 execute flash_all_except_storage.bat

@xpatze85x i think
1: make a folder on your c:\ drive directly and not in c\user\patrick\desktop and put rom inside there...
2: it means you have to '' disable driver signature verification'' before booting windows , do with F8 for windows 7 or window 8/10 search in Google how to boot windows 8 or 10 without driver verification
and then try your procedure over again, the quallcom driver has to be loaded into windows therefore the disable driver signature verification. And important of all keep breathing no sweating! your phone is not broken! keep that in mind! Only to find solution suitable for you is like finding the correct key to open the door. Goodluck and read through
May 17, 2016
If you see the message "the system cannot find the file specified 0x800700002 execute flash_all_except_storage.bat" you only need to choose the option "Flash All" in Mi Phone