In Progress browser and charging issues


Sep 8, 2012
i initially used miui india rom for international.. then changed to the international rom on here but both have the same problem..

the browser closes and goes into sleep mode when watching flash video.. is there any fix for this.. everything worked fine on all ICS versions.. but JB seems to force close..

also and more importantly im having issues with charging the phone..

if im using it whilst its charging it actually drains the battery.. and when its just left charging it takes hours and HOURS to charge.. from 0% to 40% in 6 hours... with no wifi or data on.. power saving was on..

this is obviously a major concern and why ive reverted back to an older version.. is anyone seeing these problems and is there any way to sort this out..

ive tried a few different kernels and checked for any issues with charging cables. also reverted back to stock ics and its fine..

please help
Whic kernel?

Because i think the flash video bug is a miui bug...

for the battery problem: it can be a theme problem...use the default LS theme and the default charger. Also wipe cache&dalvik
i got the same flash vid sleep mode thing in cyanogen jb rom too.. ive tried a few kernels.. now on siyah 1.8.4, i do a factory reset, delvik and cache before putting every rom on.. il see what happens with the update..

i think then it's a JB bug...because i got the same issue with my s2 and ResurrectionRemix rom (also JB).
since 2.12.14 i also have the battery bug, my phone gets very hot and discharges while charging. My phone is a SGSII, i wiped and wiped and no Backups only stock miui but nothing changes. Only if i turn off the phone, it charges normal
Draining the battery fully, then recharge takes a while, but is significantly quicker than what it was, but sadly the next days use takes it down to about 48% then put on recharge whist im sleeping, 8 hours later its about 68%...
ive ordered a new charging cable to see if that works..

in battery status it says charging AC.. its drains when using the phone on charge, which it didnt used to on stock ICS..

Il try new cable, if that doesnt work i might send it back as ive read many people have charging issues and it is quite simply PATHETIC to have a phone on charge for 16 hours just to be able to use it for a day or so..
okay, i have done so much, but please trust me something is wrong with official Miui Rom. In 2.11.16 there are no problems. Please tell this problem to xiaomi because it is an important bug, phone gets very hot, doesn't charge while phone is turned on.

Thank you

greetz DaLuigi3
My wife has i9100 with 3.1.25 and Siyah 4.1.5... She doesn't has charging issue like you... So make a full wipe and change kernel... It may be also some of yours apps...
ok flashed siyah 4.1.5, problem still exists, so i only can repeat myself: something is wrong with Miui rom, in the last weeks i flashed and wiped (also battery stats) and tested and recalibrated, but my phone gets very hot, doesn't charge or charge very slow while phone is turned on. In the last weeks i also saw many posts about these problems also in other forums, so it isnt only a problem with me and my phone. Maybe it is a special problem with a Miui Setting or something. I only installed 7 apps (whatsapp, dropbox, boomlings,wheater, twitter, navigon, adobe reader) rest is miui stock and i never had problems with these apps. CPU is also normal, most of the time in 200mhz. And why does my phone charge relatively normal (i think it takes too long) if it is turned off?
yes its all normal i already cheched with bbs and voltage control

can it be a translation problem?

hmm i will flash 3.1.25 from here
no i, i decompile, recompile and use my own language files because German isnt good at the moment. But i also tested miuiandroid builds 2.12.xx and MiuiGermany builds

EDIT: OKAY, i changed the theme (whole theme) and now it seems okay, hope so. But what can be the problem with theme??? It's very strange that the theme influences the battery charging process.

i will tell you if the problem is really fixed with changing theme
no i, i decompile, recompile and use my own language files because German isnt good at the moment. But i also tested miuiandroid builds 2.12.xx and MiuiGermany builds
And same issue with all builds?
Why you dont coopereate with German lang translators for fixing translation...? Saying just "its not good" dont help them....
yes, latest build without issue is 2.12.14 maybe the next 2 builds are also without issues
because i don't have the time, i use for my translation the MiuiGermany xml files so i only have to dec and rec, but i will help them if i have time and i meant it not as bad. I respect the work of all translators and developers

edit. since 20 minutes my phone charges very well from 1% to 20% and yeeeesss it's not getting hot:)

i can confirm, it has to do with the Lockscreen. If i change it my phone charges normal:)
I have the same problem with miui 3.1.25 from I have changed the lockscreen, later I'll report if helped.

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