New Cannot access any websites on most Browsers on HyperOS


Oct 2, 2023
I have updated my Xiaomi 13T Pro from MIUI 14 to a stable beta of HyperOS (via the patreon program, as the device uses Mediatek) and everything seems to work almost perfectly but for some reason i cannot visit any websites on the majority of browsers. They all give error messages.
Installing Chrome and testing it there gave me proper web results with no errors, uninstalling and reinstalling Opera however did not fix it, the error would still appear. I had Firefox installed and that seems to working fine. Reinstalling Brave which is my daily driver fixed the issue too but now I have to re-enter my sync chain and customize everything to my liking again so its a bit of a pain.
Maybe it also has nothing to do with the new OS, but I've tried workarounds and they didn't work, so I wanted to make this post outlining the issue in the hopes of it getting patched if it really is the fault of the OS itself.


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