Invalid BUG and Temporary FIX: Headphone Jack Problem with Crackling and Distorted Sound

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Feb 1, 2020

I think I have discovered a small (not really) bug.

Phone: Xiaomi Mi Note 10
Android Version: 9 PKQ1.190302.001
MIUI Version: MIUI Global 11.07 | Stable
Android Security Patch Level: 2019-12-01

While using the headphones, or in general the headphones jack (might that be via Aux cable to a speaker, a car, earphones, headphones, etc), and setting the volume up to 100% at maximum, the audio starts to crackle.
This problem disappears only if you activate the Mi Sound Enhancer. If you leave the audio at 100% and you deactivate it the problem persists. If you activate Hi-Fi audio leaving at 100% the problem persists.

Temporary Fix I've found:
You have 2 solutions at the moment
1- You are forced to use Mi Sound Enhancer if you want to keep the audio at 100%
2- If you want to use NO ENHANCER or even just the Hi-Fi audio, you click one-time volume down (decrease the volume by one step) and the crackling sound disappears. (also the amount of dB don't seem to change that much, in terms of volume it's more or less the same, it is as powerful to me as if you would have been at 100% with the Mi Sound Enhancer ON).

Tested with:
Xiaomi Mi In-Ear (2013)
Xiaomi Mi Earbuds
Xiaomi Mi In-Ear
Xiaomi Mi In-Ear 2
Sennheiser HD7
Car Aux
JBL Speakers
Many others, so the problem is not the hardware you are listening to music with, 100%

This is not a FIX per se, it is more of a workaround. Now my point is really simple, the problem is one of these:
1- The Driver (or whatever software side involved) goes crazy unless you use the Mi Sound Enhancer... but that wouldn't explain why it is sufficient to turn the volume down by one click.

Or more likely

2- If we take an interval of -20dB (which is the minimum level of volume) to +20dB (which represents the maximum volume), it seems that when switching to Mi Sound Enhancer, each step of the volume scale is properly counted in increments to reach the maximum amount of dB before the distortion. This does NOT happen though if you switch to normal audio or Hi-Fi Audio, so basically if you are at the Maximum volume (100%, or last step, as you wish to call it), the audio "clips" and goes much further than the so-called +20dB limit, causing it to be distorted and crackle or presenting crackling.
It seems like the last step instead of 100% that is being displayed is actually 120%, consequently, 80% <?> or the step before the last one in the audio steps, seems to have the ACTUAL and REAL 100%, avoiding like this any kind of distortion.

I hope this helps, moreover I hope this comes to the right ears (sorry for the implied joke) and gets fixed. I was about to return my phone, thinking I had a faulty Headphone Jack.
For sure this situation is not nice PR for Xiaomi and I think we all hope to see it FIXED for real.

Thank you for reading this. If it helps you can leave a +1 rep / Like here at the bottom :)

Bye everybody :)
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Feb 1, 2020
I thought it would have been more people noticing this problem xD It seems nobody is interested in this bug xD


Nov 27, 2020
Hi! Im new to Xiaomi and bought my Redmi Phone 3 months ago. This is one of my problems and am thinking to go to the service center.
I like listening to loud, bassy music and this problem is irritating! Thanks @TheLollerz
for writing this.


Apr 29, 2016
@znamenie This thread is nearly 10 month old and the guy wasn't even using this custom ROM here.
Are you using custom ROM?
If not, please go to official forum with your bug.
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