New [BUG] Charging-discharging issues on SGS2


Mar 20, 2012
On the last build there seems to be a problem with charging and discharging on SGS2 (dunno if it effects other devices). I've tried several things, like resetting the battery gauge (siyah kernel feature). But apparantly the phone is in high cpu state (1200mhz). Perhaps this has something to do with the lockscreen lag fix of last build?

some screens of charging and temps:



CPU state overnight:


I have disabled the lockscreen through developer settings, will see if there is any improvement. If so, it definitly is a lockscreen related issue...
what kind of LS do you have? Because if i set up a custom lockscreen, my phone overheat and i think he remain @1200 MHz
I use the stock LS. But after re-enabling it through developer options and a reboot it now seems ok..