New Bug WiFi with no internet automatic switch to mobile data

Prinz Valium

Jul 20, 2016
Hi everybody,

I have an Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro with version (stable). Since a few weeks I got my Android Auto wireless adapter. Therefore I need to connect to this device and use mobile data for Internet connection.
The System notifies me that the WiFi has no internet and asks me to switch to mobile data. If I confirm, everything works like charm.
At my second connection, the system asked me to automatic switch in future. I confirmed that, but the system doesn't remember my choice and asks me again on every connection.

Under Settings - WiFi - WiFi assistant - stay connected is activated and the option warning for using data connection is disabled.

I really need this because with the current situation, the wireless Android auto is really useless of I have to whait for the notification and enable mobile data manually.

The manufacturer of the device said, that I need to disable MIUI optimization in the development options. Unfortunately in m this image the option is not available.

Can you please help me to get it working?

Kind regards
I no one answers then no one has a solution for what you're describing.
If you really need to disable MIUI optimization, better switch to an official ROM.