Issues with Internet Sharing on Xiaomi 13 (Chinese Version)


May 18, 2024
Hello everyone,

I'm having a problem with my Xiaomi 13, model 2211133C, running HyperOS 1.08.0.UMCCNXM, which I recently acquired.

The phone is a Chinese version, as evidenced by the numerous pre-installed Chinese apps and the fact that it only offers English and Chinese as default languages. Unfortunately, French is not available.

First problem: When I share my internet connection with my iPhone and my PC outside the house, the sharing is recognized as a Wi-Fi network on the PC. However, on my iPhone 15 Pro, it is recognized as mobile data, and the Wi-Fi icon does not appear, unlike when sharing from another phone.

Second problem: I would like to switch between French and English from time to time, but this seems impossible for now. I'm waiting for my bootloader to be unlocked so I can install the EU version of the system, hoping that this will also resolve the connection sharing issue.

Thank you for your help with the first problem mentioned above.