New Bugs for 13.0.2 with Xiaomi 11 lite 5G NE


Apr 23, 2022
1) Sometimes (one or more per week) black screen when you unlock the phone, on two devices. Have to lock and unlock again, sometimes the device has to be rebooted by holding the power btn for a long time. Didn't happend on 13.0.1. Very annoying bug, especially at the moment when they call you...
2)Sometimes when the alarm goes off, the screen turns on but does not respond to touch, you have to turn it off with the power button.
3) When using BT headphones with the qaulcomm aptx adaptive codec, the sound periodically spontaneously switches from stereo to mono and vice versa, it happens stably several times per track. Can't confirm or deny it for 13.0.1 or an official firmware, bought headphones recently
The problem is solved by switching codecs to regular aptx or turning off HD-audio in the developer options
The problem is confirmed by other users of similar headphones with this device