Bugs & problems with new and past stables. Mi Fitness and Google wallet


Jan 13, 2018
Hi everyone,
I am opening this topic to talk about two issues I have with the last stable (MINote10_MICC9Pro_V13.0.4.0.RFDCNXM_v13-11) but also with the previous one (April 2022).

I specify that I switched form the latest weekly to the stable version once they stopped rolling out weeklies.

1) Mi Fitness not working.
As for the last few weeklies, with the new stable Mi Fitness is not working as it is ot installable from the play store (you get the error "couldn't install").
Looking into it I found out that it is due to the fact that there is an issue between the China and the Global versions of MIUI where Mi health has been replaced with mi fitness. Online you can find some ADB commands for rooted devices to apply a downgrade to mi health which should let you reinstall mi fitness. For me these are not working (probably because my phone is not rooted) and, in any case, I think it's a bug they should fix.
--> With the previous stable version it was working, as it was working with weeklies older than late April, more or less

2) Google Wallet not adding every card.
Switching from weeklies to the stable, Google wallet is not letting me adding some cards:
The credit card is added normally, but I also have a prepaid and a debit card which worked fine with the weekly but now they don't.
For both of them I get this error on the last step: "could finish set up the card for contactless payments" and the process ends.
I have an opened ticket with Google, I'll update the tread.

Let me know if you are facing similar issues and if you know how to solve them!
I manage to get Mi Fitness "working" by installing an old APK of when the app was still called "Xiaomi Wear". Those wersionv apparently do not go in conflict with MiHealth. Is not really a problem solved, but at least the band works fine.

As for Google Wallet, I managed to add the prepaid card: basically the issue was that the credit card already on the app was not fully added to wallet, i had to manually do a final step and this unlocked the possibility to add the second card. Also this is a partial solution because the debit card is still not addable.


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