Call number recognition for other countries?

Jul 23, 2012
Hi, i was looking into the call number recognition functions in MIUI. It seems that when someone is calling you, it tries to search online for a match for the number. I looked at the network traffic and found this:

When someone calls you, the phone tries to connect to:

(Replace PHONENUMBER with actual number and DEVICEID with device id)

The result i'm getting is:

So, it looks but it get's no results. I guess there are only chinese or japanese numbers in their phone book for results... What i want to do is redirect this url to a server of myself and make a script that can look in other phone books too, so that this function works in other countries too!

Does anyone have any idea what the output should be if it DOES find a result.? I can try too if i find a phone number that gives a match. So far i tried some chinese hotels, but it gives the same result back as above...

If anyone can help, i/we can make a cool function of this!