Camera Error "can't Connect To Camera"

Feb 29, 2016
my redmi note 3 camera not working from first day of using it
not a rom problem i tried all the Official stable and dev roms now i use china stable V7.1.8.0.LHNCNCK

i opened the back of the phone and reconnected the camera multiple time with no success

when i use google camera or other camera apps they open the front camera that's mean they think the front camera is the main camera because there is no connection with the back camera

what i can do now ???

i don't know if the problem is in the cable of the camera or the camera is not working !

where i can buy new camera replacement ? i want to try changing my camera with a new one
Dec 4, 2016
Solved this by doing the following:
1. Go to Settings -> About phone
2. Tap 5-6 times on "Kernel version". This will enter to Engineering Mode (CIT)
3. From "QC test" menu, go to option "12.FrontCamera"
4. Camera app will start with the front camera. Now change camera from front to back. You should have image from sensor.
5. Tap back to exit the camera app, and select "Fail". This will reset the sensor and sensor lens.
6. Exit CIT mode and test your camera. If was a problem with the sensor (or lens), it should be solved now.

For me, this was the only thing that worked.
I tryed before to reboot phone, factory reset, reflash other ROM