Camera: Pictures At Night Blurred With Automatic - Manually No Hdr

Nov 21, 2015
Hi everybody,

since I now finally own a working (hopefully completely) Redmi Note 2 Prime I was able to use the camera during a trip. Settings are high quality, face detection, 4:3 night picture improvement the rest kept as standard (sharpness etc.).
When doing pictures in automatic mode using HDR the results have been quite OK during daylight (but not really good). But when taking pictures at night it becamo horrible with HDR: Blurred, noise (hopefully this is the correct term in english) and when there have been bright and illuminated building fronts the pictures get overexposed.

When turning to nightmode it becomes far better and when turning to manual, changing the ISO then it becomes even more better - but still not really good.
Also when using manual or night mode I cannot use HDR - but why?

I am using the stock cam. Now I am wondering whether my camera is not working correctly or whether the cam app is faulty.
How can I find out?

Really appreciate all your hints also regarding different camera apps preferrably with HDR!

Many thanks!