No 2x lens video recording - bug? - Mi 10 Ultra

imo aix

Jul 21, 2022

I have been unable to get the MIUI camera app to record video with the 2x zoom lens. It switches automatically between the 0.5x/1x/5x lens, which is fantastic, but it never uses the 2x lens - zoom from 2x to 4.9x still uses the 1x lens. This looks really bad above 3x zoom and is quite jarring when it finally switches between the 1x<->5x lens.

I have not found any threads discussing this either... does video recording with the 2x lens work for someone? Or is there another app that can dynamically switch between all lenses during recording?


I recently got the Mi 10 Ultra Android digital camera and I'm loving having such a powerful shooter always in my pocket!

For photos I normally use G-CAM (MTSL 7.2) and it can also record video with the 2x lens with no problems - but it cannot switch between lenses while recording like the stock MIUI app (1080p 30fps only tho). So there doesn't seem to be a reason for the 2x lens being missing from the MIUI cam video mode...

This is with the latest stable EU ROM ( which comes with MIUI camera 4.3.003950.4.
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