Can EU Xiaomi Smartwatches Connect to Chinese ROM Xiaomi phones?


Sep 30, 2023
Hi there,

I have a Xiaomi Mix Fold 3 (with Chinese ROM) and found myself unable to connect it to my Google Pixel Watch. I have also found the reason for it online with every other Pixel Watch owner having the same problem: Chinese ROM phones from Xiaomi simply don't work with European Wear OS smartwatches and the setup app will crash when trying to start the setup.

Now I was wondering, if it's worth buying a Xiaomi smartwatch instead like the Xiaomi Watch S1 since that one runs on MIUI Watch OS and not Wear OS.
Does this successfully pair with Chinese ROM Xiaomi phones? Has anyone experience with this? (Should be the same for any other Xiaomi phone not just the Mix Fold 3, I guess.)

Many thanks and greetings,