How to make Fossil watch GEN6 work on

May 10, 2021
Nowadays, I have a Fossil watch Gen6 which was working perfectly until the last WeasOS update from 2 to 3.

Previously on MIUI CN, I had installed Weos OS Global and Chinese version. However, the last update on Fossil smartwatches killed the WearOS app to manage the smartwatch and only allow their Fossil app to manage the smartwatch.

The problem is that the Fossil app is not able to request the Google app to assign my Google account to the Fossil app. So, I can't pair the smartwatch and sometimes the cellphone doesn't recognize the smartwatch on the Fossil app, but I can on the BT list.

The synchronization works pretty well on my Redmi Note 7 Pro. The Fossil app recognizes the smartwatch, pops out a Google Account (Google app) selection to sync with WearOS, and it is done.

Does anyone was able to connect a Fossil GEN6 WearOS 3?

Thank you in advance.
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