can' find some apps


Feb 1, 2011
When I look in settings at "manage applications", there are some apps which aren't on my homescreen.
For example: "books" or "calender" or "sound recorder"

How can I put these apps on my homescreen so I can use them?

thanks in advance!
you cant,for calendar you have widget,for sound recorder you can use it when making or receiving a call and so have alternatives on the market!
In previous roms, I already had a calendar icon on my homescreen. So that must be possible and not only with the widget.
same for sound recorder, there has to be a way to have an icon on my homescreen so I can use the app when I want to...
Im looking for net disk on my home screen I'm new to this could some one help me please

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@The-Dude: have you tried rebooting? When icons disappear from my screen, a reboot usually brings them back.

@ilyas: It's taken out, because it's full of warez and Chinese-only apps. It does the international users no good to have it. The only apps we use that are on it are MIUI Camera and MIUI Weather. MIUI Camera should be included in the language pack/ROM depending on which phone you have, and MIUI Weather is available in an international version at