Basic Integrity and Device Integrity randomly stopped works in POCO X3 PRO today, and some bugs more I have


Jun 1, 2024
Well, I installed XiaomiEu a month ago more or less, I came back from LineageOS 20 due ghost touch problems and because was impossible for me works with PlayIntegrityFix, due some kernels has been banned of some custom ROMS, and that was my case.

Yesterday I couldn't use Revolut to complete a payment, I could do it only thanks to Insular, and today ChatGPT logged out and gaves me the error when try log in, which gives when the basic integrity ans device integrity aren't working properly. Then I use TBChecker and this is the result:

I have installed the last update of eu.Xiaomi.module.inject since more than a week ago, and last versions of PlayIntegrityFix with Shamiko in Magisk v27.

In PlayStore it puts Certified Device, but obviously isn't correct with reality and something is happening. The bank app gaves me the warning yesterday of I am using a modified device, but fortunately I could and can enter. And yes, is selected in "Configuring denial lists" in Magisk.

Somebody can help me with this? I thought in uninstall PlayIntegrityFix and clean data of PlayStore, GoogleServices, Wallet and also the bank app, and then restart, install the PlayIntegrityFix again and a last restart. But the picture I attach here seems the tests aren't made it correctly for some weird reason, according someone said me due that of "UNEVALUATED". I did it with TBChecker.

Same problem in Integrity Checker:


Also other problems I have that maybe would be better in the Bugs section, but I put them here with the label:

-Sometimes the phone gives me the fail "Xiaomi Cloud stops working", although I have disabled it with an external app, but nothing.

-When I restart the phone, I get POCO and then MIUI, but then it restarts again itaself and after the second time, I can put the PIN and boot the phone.

-With some apps I have some problem to update them, through PlayStore or also even Telegram downloaded from the official page. Before I have tried to update it and it stucks in the update for almost 5 minutes, then the only solution was to restart the phone.

Please any help or tips would be really appreciated. Thanks in advance guys, cheers.