Can someone help me with this plz


Nov 18, 2010
I really like using a smaller density on miui ,everything looks fine except for this

Can anyone either fix the dimensions on tht for me maybe make it all transparent or maybe larger so it can fit right
Or I can try n do it myself if anyone can tell me the name of tht file plz
Thnx in advance

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I'm not positive but I'm pretty sure that there are several png files for each button to show static, pressed, and released in the phone.apk.

I had a look into it once because I prefer less dpi as well.

u can try extracting the /system/app/phone.apk and pulling the "res" file and modifying the drawable-hdpi files to your liking

EDIT: these are the files I see when I do the extraction and delve into the drawables


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