Cannot Update Rom And No Usb Connection With Pc

Jun 27, 2014

My wife asked me to backup the photo's on her phone. So I tried to, but Windows does not recognize her Phone. And when I use the Mi PC Suite it states I need to update the phone.
So I downloaded the newest Virgo ROM (Xiaomi MiNote). And I tried to update the rom with the updater app as I always did. But the updater app gives me an error message.
When I looked clearly at the ron page, it stated I need to install TWRP first with the updater app. But it doesnt install through the updater app. And when I looked further TWRP requires an usb connection with the pc.

And that was my starting problem to begin with. Anyone that can help me?
Mar 28, 2016
It would be a bit more helpful if you could be more specific about what exactly happened instead of "it doesn't install" , "error message" and "does not recognize". People here are generally good with educated guessing, but if you are looking for a specific advice, it's also good to be specific yourself.

For now I suspect that your phone has its bootloader locked so TWRP installation fails.

Have a look here, it explains how to install TWRP and EU ROM under various circumstances.