Can't boot up phone!


Nov 9, 2010
So i had MIUI 1.3.18 running on my D.Inc just fine. A few hours ago i flashed 3.25 over it and everything was just fine. I wanted to upgrade my friends MIUI to the new version so I unmounted my sd card and put it in his phone and took his sd card and put it in my phone. his sd card however, was corrupted so i tried to format it a few times hoping that it would fix it for him. This didn't work because every time i formatted it, it said it was corrupted again so i gave up and took it out and gave it back to him.
At this point, i think i took my battery out to do something and when i went to turn my phone back on it got stuck at the splash screen.

i booted into recovery and tried to restart from there - failed
i reflashed 3.18 (wiped cache/dalvik) - failed
i wiped all data and reflashed 3.18 - failed
wiped all, flashed 3.25, fixed permissions - stuck at splash screen again
wiped all, restored a back up - failed

i ended up using the RUU and then rerooting and flashing MIUI and that worked just fine

feel free to lock/delete this thread.

PS - if your on GB, do NOT format an sd card from ur phone! A guy at xda on CM7 had the same issue as i did (formatted an sd card from his phone and when he restarted his phone would not boot). Someone mentioned this on his thread --
"I remember an older version of cm7 on the nook color warned against formating sd cards because it accidentaly formats the boot partition, this may be a bug that exists in the rom your using."