In Progress Cant install apps when sd card mounted


Feb 15, 2012
Hello all,
Im using Miui v4 2.3.23 on SGSII and i cant install apk's (most of them! not all...) when my microsd card is mounted.
When im unmounting the external sd card it succeeding install the apk's.

Any solution..?

Thanks! :)
possible that because a card is mounted to PC, the system is in use therefore you are unable to install apps that may require sd card to be unmounted. Its normal.

No it's not for that Pele, I get the same problem with some apps not all. And also system won't allow to move any app from phone to sdcard.
hmmm. have you checked storage space etc ? Are the apps in question, have the ability to be moved ? Are you using a app like root explorer with Write privileges to move apps from phone to sdcard ? (RW)

ON SGS2: Only some apps won't allow installation, not all. However as soon as you unmount the SDCARD they install. Example of such an app is "TUBE MAP".
In addition all apps won't allow to be moved to USB storage. I am not using any app to move apps. I just go to settings>manage applications and select application and MOVE TO USB STORAGE, it will just attempt it and say "could not move app". None allows me to do so while I could always do so with GB MIUI, Cyanogenmod, Checkrom Roms.