Can't install

Jun 22, 2012
Hello , am redmi 6 pro user from India. Installed the latest official yesterday and then unlocked the bootloader. Installed latest official TWRP .made a backup of official ROM. Then when i try to install ROM it says error 7. First i changed to unofficial twrp but same error 7 came up. Then i flashed back to official twrp since i wasnt able to restore my backup with unofficial. ROM in updater script first few lines says "sakura" i changed it to sakura_india but then it said error in twrp flashing "digest not found".
Now i got 2 questions to flash to Indian redmi 6 pro
2.when restoring official backup restore completed but with error in end "cant Mount system". The device booted fine and i don't seem to find anything wrong with it.but what could be implication of the error.
I did have trouble with twrp.had formatted the phone still it was asking password.had to flash decryption zip file and reboot to twrp to get pass the password still when making backup it had some error .iam using the same backup and its working fine.but somehow it didnt go the way it usually shud have gone


Dec 26, 2018
Delete the first line in updater script, re-zipped, full wipe and flash the new one. You are done.