Cant log into mifit(remi 9s running miui 12.0.2)


Jun 1, 2021
So i removed my mifit app while cleaning up my phone, and decided to re-install it. Problem is i cant seem to log in now. My mifit app is registered to the same mi account that i'm using on my phone(which only exists so i could unlock the bootloader)
I open the app, and it tells me to log in. I use the email address associated with the account. Then it asks if I have signed into my mi account(which is weird, since thats what i'm trying to do now). I say yes, then it takes me to the settings for my phone, where it shows my mi account(though instead of the email account, its that long string on numbers. The Mi Acount ID) and asks me to link it. I agree.. Then it takes me back to the mifit app and tells me it was unable to login.

Is there something i'm missing here? I can log into the account through my browser so i know its a valid account and the right password... I'm not sure why it even takes me to my phone settings(2nd pic) since the mifit shouldnt care that i have a rom... Like, it wouldnt send someone using a Samung or Lenovo phone to that settings screen(since the phone woudlnt have a xiaomi page in the phones settings.)
I have also tried to log in to the mifit app using the mi account number, but it tells me the password does not match(probably cause the app is specifically asking for the email address and password, not account id)

Anyone have any insight or tips? Id really like to use the fitness band again, since i'm trying to get back into shape before its too cold to exercise outside.