Can't start Unlock process on my Mi10 Ultra


Nov 22, 2020
Hi everyone,
I got my phone 3 weeks ago and I immediately did the steps to start unlocking my phone.
Unfortunately when i tried to unlock my phone, the tool said that I had to wait exactly 7 days.
After waiting a week I tried again, and it said the same thing.

I think my unlocking process didn't start. When I look at Mi Unlock status on my phone it says the devices is locked, the phone is secured.

I did press the "Add account and device" in the beginning, and it say preparing and added the account and such. But even after trying an hour later, it still says exactly 7 more days remaining.

What do I do?



Sep 3, 2020
Don't request unlock more than one time.
It could lead into the issue, that it resets your countdown!

Just do it once, and then give it a while. You can check the countdown by trying to unlock with the software (without clicking the button on the phone!).