1. Z

    Unlock tool Issue (Read failed, please refresh or reboot device)

    Good morning/afternoon/evening, i have tried to unlock my Mi 8, but I faced a problem with device info reading. Logs in link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1nf-hI-2R-nw_WHE_qUQU9jeCwx0a-lVR/
  2. L

    How to check if someone has already unlocked the bootloader?

    Hi, On a new phone, how can I check if someone has unlocked the bootloader before me? Is this possible? Or will I not see this? For example: what if it contains malware and has been locked back up with it? When dealing with a guarantee, how can you tell if someone has already unblocked it?
  3. xmimpressions

    Mi11 Ultra Bootloader Unlock

    Hi All, I wish to flash my Mi 11 Ultra (CN/EN ROM) to Xiamo EU Stable ROM. For this I did attempt to unlock my Device for this using the Mi Unlock tool. However, It says try 166 Hrs later. I would request you all to let me know if there is any way to skip this waiting period? or Is it certain...
  4. VelSan

    Unlocking after a re-lock? (Joyeuse)

    Ahoy there, flashers. A pretty long time ago I relocked my bootloader when I wanted to go back to stock. All works fine, now, I'm just tempted to unlock my BL and flash, however, the MiUnlock tool is asking me to wait again as if it's my first time unlocking. I am using the same account I used...
  5. M

    Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro blocked in bootloop, can't unlock, can't flash, can't access MIUI's settings

    Hello there. I have little hopes someone will be able to help me out there but I try anyway because I don't know what to do anymore at this point. Since the start of this year 2021, my phone went to bootloop. I can access Recovery 3.0 or Fastboot mode, but when I try to unlock with MiFlash...
  6. T

    Can't start Unlock process on my Mi10 Ultra

    Hi everyone, I got my phone 3 weeks ago and I immediately did the steps to start unlocking my phone. Unfortunately when i tried to unlock my phone, the tool said that I had to wait exactly 7 days. After waiting a week I tried again, and it said the same thing. I think my unlocking process...
  7. M

    Can't unlock phone since the system update

    Hi, I am not tech savvy and I am going crazy, I do not know what to do, I received a notification that my phone had MIUI update ready, I accepted the restart for the update and since it completed my phone won't unlock, as soon as I enter my lock-screen code the screen goes black and shows the...
  8. S

    Miflash doesn't detect my cellphone

    Hello everyone, I started the unlock process of my Redmi K20 Pro last week and the process requested me to wait around 160 hours. Today I tried the same process again but right after signing in to miflash, I got stuck at the screen where to software waits to the cellphone to be connected. 1. My...
  9. F

    Unbrick and Unlock Service

    Hi to everyone. İf you need an authorized account for flashing xiaomi phones and restoring brick devices, write to this person on Whatsapp +79677771598 He also does unlock phones by IMEI ! using an authorized mi EDL account, you can restore phones with constant reboot problems, "This version...
  10. S

    Unlock bootloader without sim

    Hi everyone, as the title says, can i unlock bootloader without the sim card? I am using the mi pad 4 plus as secondary laptop or for media entertainment. So i do not even use the sim option i only use wifi or hotspot from my phone
  11. S

    Unlock bootloader without sim

    Hi everyone, as the title says, can i unlock bootloader without the sim card? I am using the mi pad 4 plus as secondary laptop or for media entertainment. So i do not even use the sim option i only use wifi or hotspot from my phone
  12. N

    Is the Xiaomi Support able to determine Mi ID via IMEI ?

    I lost all access to the mi account that is bound to my device and i softbricked it. In order to unlock it I need to get that ID (Which I don't remember). I tried "forgot password" but none of my emails and phone numbers are connected to an Mi ID But I for sure logged into one on the phone. I...
  13. J

    [Mi 8 SE] Problem Unlocking Bootloader on the Chinese ROM

    Hi, My Xiaomi Mi 8 SE Chinese ROM arrived today, I'm french and I do not read mandarin at all. After comparing with videos showing the english version, I managed to: Connect to my Mi account Get into developper mode Switch on OEM unlock bootloader Switch on USB debugging Click on Mi Unlock...
  14. M

    New Lock Screen Very Slow (mi5 8.4.4)

    After upgrade to 8.4.4 version the lock screen was very slow to unlock and see notifications. Sorry my bad english.
  15. D

    Doubts About Installing Global Rom Xiaomi

    to install the global rom on redmi 5 I have to unlock the bootloader, so my question is: if I install the global rom of xiaomi I can block it again and the global rom will continue to work !?
  16. T

    Unlock Bootloader Of Multiplex Device With Same Mi Account

    I would like to know if it is possible to unlock the bootloader of another device, with an account that I have already used to unlock my phone. To unlock the bootloader of the new phone I have to redo the request to Xiaomi or no need?
  17. Multed

    Question: How To Check If I Have Unlocked Bootloader?

    Hi fellas! I recently ordered Mi5s from *******: http://www.*******.com/cell-phones/pp_471491.html Can someone explain how I check if it got an unlocked bootloader when it arrives? Also, what exactly is the unlocked bootloader? As I understand it I need the bootloader to be unlocked for...
  18. A

    Cannot Install Any New Updates On 7.2.9

    Hello, after I upgraded to Nougat using the 7.2.9 build, now I cannot flash any new updates. I tried to unlock the bootloader using the unlock tool. It succeeded, but on subsequent upgrade retries the phone reboots with the same old 7.2.9 version. If I try the unlock tool again, it says it is...
  19. B

    Cannot Unlock Phone And Mi Flash Not Working...

    Hi I've upgraded my phone to xiaomi.eu_multi_MI4c_7.2.23_v8-7.0 (with TWRP as i had unlocked my phone in an unofficial way by installing some older dev rom because had the 50% bug when doing it the official way. I was using other romes before like CM 13.1 and AICP. But after upgrading to this...
  20. DBdesmo

    My Experience In Bootloader Unlocking

    Dear all, I would like to share with you my experience in unloking bootloader process after nougat update. I applied for the unlock authorization at least 1 year ago and I recieved the approval SMS after becoming a diamond member and after 1 month from the request. I unlocked many redmi note 3...