Can't Update Mi 11 Ultra to V13.0.13.0 via zip in TWRP


Oct 2, 2020
Just after a bit of advice or where I'm going wrong? Got CN version of Mi 11 Ultra. I Originally installed V13.0.12.0.SKACNXM_v13-12-fastboot via fastboot.
But I can't get the V13.0.13.0 zip update to install in TWRP? I have twrp-3.70_12-v6.5_A12-star-skk.img installed. I get the error message: assert failed: update_dynamic_partitions (package_extract_file("dynamic_partitions_op_list")) Error installing zip file. Twrp does seem to be decrypting. It's my first phone with A/B partitions not sure what I meant to be doing?
Ok thought I would post an update. It was obviously a fastboot flash issue even tho the V13.0.12.0.SKACNXM_v13-12 seemed to have flashed ok, I tried to re-flash and got lots of failed status read failed (too many links) errors. I didn't really have time to sort that, so gave up with that. I wiped data and just used fastboot to boot twrp-3.70_12-v6.5_A12-star-skk.img. I copied V13.0.13.0 zip ad twrp to a flash drive mounted OTG flash twrp to ramdisk and rebooted into recovery and when flashed Formatted data and rebooted to system. Now running V13.0.13.0. So very happy. Thanks to everyone at Xiaomi EU for making this happen. Strange one when I had the originally chinese rom installed Model displayed at M2102K1C Now with eu V13.0.13.0 Model displays as M2102K1G. Not sure if that's normal? But everything is working ok. Added google wallet cards fine and everything seems to work fine. So happy.
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