Carrier Name Changer App

May 9, 2011
Don't you hate your carriers name in the corner and on the lockscreen of your phone? Wouldn't you like to change it to MIUI so you feel more involved in the community?
Well, with this app developed by Holabalola from XDA-Developers, we can easily do that.

Find the application thread here.

First, you will most likely want to get the app. You can visit the application thread, search it from your phone, or click here to find it on the market.

After that, make sure to put it on your phone, either by connecting it to the computer, or downloading it straight to your phone. Then install it with the File Explorer we get from the best Rom available... MIUI!

Open it, and you will get a screen that looks a little like this after you allow it access with Super User:


Then change the carrier. I will change it to MIUI:


Click ok, then click yes when it asks you to make a backup:


Then just reboot your phone, and once it loads, the carrier name will now be MIUI: