Choosing a car-mount

Jul 20, 2013
I'v bought an excellent protective box a wallet alike for my xiaomi
here is a link for the product:

The only problem is that now i do not know which car mount if any can match because the wallet box is fairly wide .
I do not want to remove the phone from the protective box every time i exit my car.

Would appreciate if you can suggest a solution

Thanks in advance
Apr 21, 2013
This one should be compatible, according to the spec they have there:
It should match width of 68mm - 95mm. Note that the mi2 without the case is not compatible, since its width is less than 68mm.

I have bought the smaller version for my parents iphone 4, and it's very durable. Doesn't look so good, but I wanted a car mount that will hold and not break after 1 month.

btw, a question about your case: can you close the case (with the magnet strip) even if you have cards and money inside?
I have bought a similar case, but I can't close it with the strip if I put there some cards/money - it becomes too thick and the strip is not long enough.
Jul 20, 2013
Thanks for your reply :)

In your opinion, what version would fit exactly for the Xiaomi phone ?

About the case, i'v putted 3 cards inside and closed the strip without any difficulty , i would not recommend putting coins inside the case, they can harm the phone or the screen even if it has a protector.

This case is great it's hard from inside , it holds the phone very well so it won't slip out, nevertheless, the case is soft and looks elegant from outside