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May 13, 2011
Hey everybody!

I''ve been playing a little with Photoshop, and I've made a conpect about how I would like to see an app drawer.

This is just my idea, but I think it would be nice to be able to put the all the apps somewhere. I like to have a clean and minimal homescreen, and I feel that putting a lots of apps there takes away this feeling.

What do you think? I've put it on other forums also, but would like to share my idea with you. Do you think this would be a reality someday?

I think it's awesome and I would love to have that but I'm not sure if it'll come out, at least not for a while.
It would be great to see it on our phones. MIUI launcher is already similar to TW4 so why not add drawer ;)

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me to i have idea

we can just slide homescreens right or left..true ? ok if we want to open appdrawer slide up homescreen to open appdrawer !!

< homescreens >

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As nice as this concept looks on your image, i dont think it is needed in miui. i use folders or long home press. and besides there are many alternative launchers out there, which will satisfy your need.


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Hey guys!
Sorry I haven't updated this thread! Here are som new ideas to this!

Concept 2:

Which one do you like the most? And why?

Personally I like the 1st concept more(The status bar one- that means you can access the app drawer even when you r not on your home screen, right?).

But I think the second one has more chance to be true:D It will be a lot easier for devs to rewrite only home launcher, not the whole framework I guess.

Nice concept btw:D

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My issue with the first one is 2 part, in regards to how it currently is:
1. It's not always immediately accessible, meaning that I might have to navigate from the toggles or notifications, and then potentially navigate folders too. It's not a huge issue, but people want to be putting in the least amount of effort. There could be 4 /different/ actions required to open my app here (swipe down, press apps at the bottom or alternatively swipe left/right, press games at the top, press app of choice in the middle). It's not the most intuitive system, and asks for a lot of dancing around the screen.
2. Kind of leading on from that point, swiping is nice. However with that interface, swiping left/right for toggles/notifications/apps cancels out the option to swipe left/right for the folders as well. Simply being able to do the whole above process with a swipe down->left/right->left/right->press app makes the world of difference, but it doesn't work.

The second option is brilliant, however. Not to put down the innovation of the first, but if the second was an available launcher on the market with that kind of simplicity, I would be using it over Zeam, my current launcher of choice.
I've been following this for a while because this is exactly what the MIUI launcher needs in my opinion. I don't want to use a 3rd party launcher because MIUI's is a perfect fit for this ROM, but the lack of an appdrawer and icons and folders all over the homescreens has been bugging me.

Your second concept is awesome. Is there any chance this will get passed on to the dev team over in China or will this only stay a concept?
Brilliant idea, I really like the second concept, as I think this is one thing that lacking from the launcher ( even as a additional option for those who want to use it). I would love to see this happening.
If someone know how to take it from here, take contact with the devs, or anything, they're welcome! I'd really like to have som help to get this to the devs!
I think that the initial concept is a good one; I'm not so much of a fan of the second (youtube).

I could see the usefulness of the first concept in that it doesn't require you to return to the home screen; I'm assuming the application categories at the top of the pulldown would be auto-generated from any folders the user puts on their home screen?

In order to be fully integrated MIUI style it would have to be able to change to a scrollable bar of folders (All, Home, Tools, etc) when the pulldown toggles are changed from grid to scrolling row as is currently allowed in the MIUI settings.
Concept 2 .... !!!!!! waooooo SIMPLY the ONLY things MISSING on MIUI :)

We Want !!!

Do you start something ??
The problem is that the code of the Launcher from miui isn't open i think. So no dev can say i take the code and add
the function of these concepts. One of the best functions of miui are the great theme settings, and without the launcher
you will loose the custom iconsets, ...

And the next thing is that none of the really awesome devs take the time to do such a customization. I'm only a small
dev, in really early stages. Only released 2 apps but yeah, it's easy to talk.

Such a "appdrawer" would be great, but til we see such a thing, i think lot's of time will pass.
I've already tried that one. Don't like it. The apps in MIUI are still there. So you'll end up having the AppDrawer-app AND the icons on your homescreen.
But thanks for trying out.

I use this and it works great. Just hide your apps in the settings menu (menu> settings> access control)
Then use alternate app drawer, for me it allows me to keep the miui launcher and use the folders, then have the app drawer and a clean work space :)
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