Contact and dialer


Jun 6, 2021
I just flashed the latest stable ROM (12.0.9). Everything seems fine except for SMS and contacts.
Even if all the settings and the SMSC are correct, SMS are not leaving the device.
Moreover the contacts are not "linking" to dialer history and I can only see numbers and not the names.

I noticed that the app permissions of both "contact and dialer" and "Messaging" are not visible in App info.
Maybe is this the cause? I have already set up the phone and making another hard reset would be a pain in the "a__".

I know it is not possible to update system apps from unknown sources but I noticed there is an update available for the apk. Maybe it is a bug or a conflict that could be solved with the update?


BTW: I have 2 SIM Cards, if it can be useful.