New Control center's audio bar issue


Jul 31, 2023
Hello to everyone! Recently i flashed ROM on my Poco X3 pro (MIUI V14.0.3.0.TJUMIXM) and i faced the following problem: in MIUI 13 I could switch between different audio output sources (for example, when I had music playing on my headphones, I could immediately switch it to my phone without turning off my headphones, etc.) via control center's audio bar, but after upgrading to MIUI 14 this feature doesn't work properly, i mean every time i open audio bar, devices appear and then instantly disappear. How can this be fixed?


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Really guys, nobody faced this problem except me? Can anybody at least say me that you dont have this issue on your MIUI V14.0.3.0.TJUMIXM ROM? Thank you.