New could finish card setup for contactless -


Jan 13, 2018
Hi everyone,
I am aware that this thread may look similar to others on the platform but I could't find any working solution.
I am on a Mi Note 10 with the latest stable, not rooted.

The problem is with Google Wallet: when I try to setup a card I get the message "could finish card setup for contactless" after finalizing the setup (i mean after you accept the condition etc.).

I have many other info:

1) I have many cards on my wallet. Two of them are working fine (a credit card and a prepayd card working with different bank's circuits) and a debit card which is the one that is giving me the error (bare in mind that also with the prepaid I had the same problem but trying many times it worked...). So I don't think is a general problem and it's not a NFC problem since i can pay regulary with the working cards.

2) I started having this problem switching from the weekly to the stable .eu, before that all the card worked properly

3) I tried with a newer phone with the standard global and it works (so is not an issue of the card or its bank).

I can consider going back to the weekly since I don't need to completly reset my device but I'd rather find a solution with the stable seen the better stability all round.


Sep 18, 2018
Hi @Nucio!

I am having the same issue with Mi11 Ultra and Stable version
In my case I tried with 2 different cards with same result.

Have you solved the issue?